Our Work

Our work will ensure you stand out, and stand above.
We’ll analyse your competitive landscape, see how your competitors are selling themselves, and help you to show them how it’s done.
Here are some examples of work we’ve produced with clients to help them win customer love and make competitors green with envy.

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Crowe Howarth
Hospitality NZ
Mitre 10 Mega
Motel Association of NZ
New Zealand Racing Board
Seafood NZ
NZ Portrait Gallery
Te Papa

Our magic is in

What We Do

Let’s combine brainpower to predict market changes and build a picture of the future, so that every marketing tool we create steers you towards a stronger position down the line, ahead of the pack. Here’s some areas that we can apply this to.

Graphic Design

Print and digital
Marketing materials
Comms pieces
Logo design


Analysis workshops
Brand strategy
Marketing plans
Project management

Copy Writing

Taglines and headlines
Long copy
Editing and proofing
Tone guidelines

Website & Digital Design

Design and build
Information architecture
User experience design
Mobile optimisation
SEO and Google analytics

Video Production

Scripts and storyboards
Full production
Motion graphics
We admire your business, then admire its potential even more.

It's not about us it's


We could blather on all day ‘about us’, our history and our favourite foods, but what difference will that make to your business? Let’s cut to the chase and discuss the things about us that are also about you.

We admire your business, then admire its potential even more.

Let’s get you outside of your circumstances and looking at everything great that got you to this point, so we can build a picture of the perfect next chapter and create the tools to get you there.

Always ask ‘what’s in it for you?’ because we’ll always have an answer.

We won’t start a job if we’re not dead certain of its value to you. Our work must always lead to a contact, a sale, a shift in perception, an inspired employee, a business with clear direction, or a competitor driven mad with jealousy.

We always start with a picture of your customer, drawn from every angle, using all of our pencils.

There’s no point doing anything until we really know who they are, what problem they have that you can solve, and how our messages and design skills can let them know they’re in the perfect place for that problem.

It costs the same to be proactive as reactive, so let’s go pro.

Let’s combine brainpower to predict market changes and build a picture of the future, so that every marketing tool we create steers you towards a stronger position down the line, ahead of the pack.

We’ll help you look and sound great, and act the same.

We create brand tools that inspire your crew as much as your customer. If we equip them with confidence and pride, they’ll put your best foot forward to deliver on what your brand promises.

We’ll accentuate your positives.

We’ll make the most of your major assets, tell your best stories, photograph your strong side, discover your ‘unfair advantage’ in the market and blow your trumpet to all these vibrant tunes.

Consistency is key, and we’ll put it on your key ring.

We’ll always have an eye across your suite of communications to ensure customers get the right picture, repeatedly. Nothing rings warning bells more for a customer than a brand that is all over the place and unsure of itself.

We know us creative agencies talk a lot of bollocks.

We use a bunch of foreign processes and live in an artsy bubble. So that’s why we repeat our daily mantra to speak your language, simplify the process, and get to the point, loud and clear.

We’ll be your eyes and ears looking forward in the world of marketing.

We dissect branding success stories and experiment with innovations, so that we can keep you ahead of your competition.

Our crew will handle your most epic ambitions with local love and attention.

Meet the band

The Scratchers

To make it possible we pursue clients like us, near us, with bold goals like ours that reach from strong local roots. Our similarities mean that whenever you need us, we’re accessible, we’re in tune with your situation, and we’re able to sympathise, strategise and act, at the drop of a hat.

James Walshe

James Walshe

Creative Director
James lives to create opportunities for himself, his clients and his team to learn and grow. He established Scratch Design as a purpose-built platform for this passion.

At Scratch HQ, or the Scratching Post as it’s sometimes called, you’ll most often catch James being generous with his wealth of industry experience and exceptional eye for design. He thrives on mentoring up-and-coming designers and developers to deliver fresh ideas, exceptional craft, and transformative results for Scratch clients.

Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee

Creative Account Manager
As a former teacher, Charlie understands the value of doing one’s homework. She insists that we all “understand the core values and operations of our clients’ business in order to produce relevant and impactful creative work.” Yep, she’s a nerdy swat, and we don’t know what we’d do without her.

Charlie’s rare combination of talents is incredibly valuable. She is spectacularly organised and wildly imaginative at the same time. It enables her to find the most effective way of turning creative ideas into practical solutions, and then deliver them on time, within budget, without a hitch. Her strong background in art and design also means Charlie won’t let anything leave the Scratch studio until it garners an A+.

Kendal Morgan-Marshall

Kendal Morgan-Marshall

Creative Account Manager
With more than a few years behind her in advertising, brand and design, Kendal has worked across a wide channel mix helping to create and implement impactful design solutions that deliver real results. Be it a large or small project, her focus is always on understanding the real need and the challenge at hand along, with the audience that needs to be communicated to. For Kendal it is about truly connecting and engaging with people. She is a pretty driven person who has a calm, yet action focused approach to getting work done. While being able to think big-picture, her attention to detail and commitment to her clients is second to none and her clients love her for that.
Meredith Walshe

Meredith Walshe

Studio Manager
Meredith married into Scratch, and we’re very glad that she did. She called James at Scratch six years ago for a favour and has been providing them in return ever since as our studio superwoman, solving problems left, right and centre in support of the team and our clients.

Former lives in marketing and event management, fashion, and executive assistance, have equipped Meredith with a keen eye for both design and administrative details. Work is looking great, t’s are getting crossed and i’s are getting dotted when Meredith is in the house.

Stephanie O'Kane

Stephanie O'Kane

Stephanie is fresh faced and innocent, but don’t be mistaken, the girl is surprisingly, perhaps suspiciously, wise for her age.

We’ve not yet managed to establish whether she is an introvert or extrovert, but one thing’s for sure, she is a neat freak. Stephanie approaches creative briefs with military like precision and an incredibly disciplined use of her imagination to produce refined and exquisite results for our clients routinely.

Girish Parbhu

Girish Parbhu

Senior Designer

It’s hard to tell whether Girish is more passionate about coffee or design but lucky for us, the two seem to go very well together.

Relocating to the Coffee Capital after designing and creating his way around Melbourne, he approaches each project with the same critical palette to which he consumes his coffee. With a strong interest and eye for branding, Girish’s caffeine fuelled designs pack a punch with strong aromas of success for all businesses who are lucky enough to engage his services.

Are you a good Scratcher?


Feel like you’d make a good Scratcher?  We’d love to hear from you.

See if you can make like the Scratch crew and go pro. Get in touch, show us you understand what we’re about, and outline what you can add. There’s not a person on earth who doesn’t admire initiative.

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