A friendly new face at Hutt Central School

Hutt Central School 
PB4L Launch

Graphic Design
Environmental Graphics
Hutt Central School’s commitment to the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) initiative required their new values to be communicated in a way that children of many ages and cultures could connect, engage and remember. We created a character that the school, staff and children could embrace as their own. Someone they would listen to, look up to, play with and who could look after them at a time of need.

Meet Pōro. Pōro symbolises the childrens’ world. A ball, a spheric/central character at the heart of the school. Pōro isn’t culture/gender/age specific, but is fun and full of so much personality. Pōro has an amazing ability to change colour to talk to each of the schools different values and associated behaviours.

Pōro has been so warmly received at Hutt Central School from the large murals to posters, to life size Pōro’s being seen bouncing around the grounds - just like the children who are all collectively living the values of Resilience, Respect, Creativity and Responsibility.

Ka pai Hutt Central School.