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PCM Oceania

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The Process Communication Model (PCM) is a life-changing communication tool, taught internationally to teams and workplaces for people to be at their best individually and in relationships with others. Practised by Apple, Coca Cola and NASA (to name a few) PCM is internationally recognised as a game changer in emotional intelligence.

We worked with New Zealand and Australia License holders Kahler Oceania to reposition their brand and truly champion PCM’s game changer status.

Unlike other more sales-focused tools, PCM is about people. Graduates are armed with a set of skills to decipher and navigate otherwise daunting and difficult situations, to make an ongoing difference in their everyday lives. The new positioning ‘unlock a world of potential’ drove a striking, colourful and confident new visual identity and website, with bold hand drawn accents capturing the hands-on, immersive and practise-based nature of each workshop.


  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Design
  • Marketing Planning
  • Strategy

The keyhole shape inside the logo-type was designed as a hero graphic to highlight PCM Oceania’s ‘unlocking’ brand position.

PCM is based on six personality types, and recognising their traits to effectively adapt, and communicate in any situation. These were characterised as a series of dynamic graphic dots, ever-present in every interaction alongside a hand-drawn illustration style to show different situations, examples and benefits in brand communication and course material.