The Relocatable House Co.

Moving house and shifting focus

The Relocatable House Co.

Project Info

As a business grows and evolves, naturally so does its website and online presence. However, often this results in a web experience that isn’t as streamlined as it could be.

After broadening their service from Pre-loved Houses to include Newly Built houses, Relocatable Rooms/Cabins and Design and Project Management, The Relocatable House Co needed their online presence to give greater weight to their full offering.

After a thorough look through their existing site, its information and the overall user experience, what began as a simple re-skin became a complete re-design of their website. We simplified the user experience making it easier and faster to access the full range of services, positioning the Relocatable House Co as the experts in Relocatable property. Just like a Pre-loved Relocatable House gets given a new lease of life as it begins its next journey, so too has The Relocatable House Company website.

  • Digital Design
  • Strategy