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  • Marketing Planning

Automotive Marketing is now a highly complex and skilled discipline. The rise of digital platforms, and the demise of more traditional channels such as print advertising has completely changed the media and advertising landscape for automotive dealers and distributors.

With over 20 years of automotive marketing experience across multiple sectors and brands, our Director Ross has worked with the Winger BMW team over the last 12 months, developing their quarterly marketing plans.

Ross developed a new digital marketing strategy for the dealership. By leveraging the most cost-effective social media platforms, and making the best use of international creative assets, Winger BMW now has a marketing plan that is measurable, sustainable and flexible enough to support ever-changing new car stock levels and market demand.

The new marketing strategy is an excellent result for us. We're grateful for the commitment and professionalism in taking our dealership marketing to the next level.

Richard Wharton

Dealer Principal, Winger BMW