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MAS Graduate Recruitment Pack

MAS Graduate Recruitment Pack

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MAS approached us to bring to life their annual Graduate campaign; an initiative targeted at 1000 professional graduating students.

MAS wanted to extend their relationship with the students beyond the school gates by encouraging them to sign up for a free personal review with one of MAS’ trusted advisers.

In the past, the campaign was found to be lacking in engagement and consistency. Gifts were handed out to the students that were timely to set-up and hadn’t gone hand-in-hand with booking a personal review. There was also question as to how much the students valued the gifts.

Scratch created a tool that could be distributed and used by the advisers when meeting with the students. We set up an online platform, engaged social media and put in place a prize draw to add extra incentive for the students to join the MAS family.

We designed branded gift boxes, pre packed with key-tags that were handed out to the graduating group. The key tags were good quality, and branded with a ‘class of 2016 lock up’. These became celebratory keepsakes for the students while alluring to the Vespa scooter grand prize giveaway that was to be won upon the campaigns finale.

Students could sign up for their personal review online and choose from a selection of gifts to be received upon following through with their review, creating incentive and also ensuring money was well spent.

I will take care

I will take care

When our long standing client and friend Dr Sam Hazledine from MedRecruit contacted us to help him change the face of the Medical profession we jumped at the chance, whilst our task was a simple job of presenting the signatures gathered in his petition, the outcome of this document was to be profound.

Dr Sam Hazledine was asked by the World Medical Association to speak at their annual General Assembly in Taiwan and present to them his research into Doctor well-being and why he felt the Declaration of Geneva needed to be updated.

Dr Hazledine’s research found that 87% of Doctors were stressed beyond levels that are productive, whilst another study in New Zealand showed that over 50% of doctors are experiencing symptoms of burnout and over half would not choose medicine as a career again. The Health profession is in crisis.

Through his research what he found was that those Doctors who were thriving had one area in common, they prioritised their well-being, not just their health. Rather than seeing it as putting themselves first, they see it as looking after themselves so that they can deliver the best standard of care to their patients.

Dr Hazledine has pushed to introduce a new paradigm, one that serves both patients and the profession, with the support of over 4,500 doctors, he proposed to introduce the following statement into the Declaration of Geneva:

“I WILL TAKE CARE of my health and well-being so I can provide care of the highest standard”

Its a simple but powerful shift that will enable Doctor’s provide the absolute best care consistently.

You can view Dr Hazledine being interviewed on TV One News here

– James