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Less is More

Less is More

A movement towards simplicity has gripped the western world. The ideology of Minimalism was not always at the forefront of my mind for something to aspire to until I read the book – the Life-changing Magic of Tidying. Marie Kondo helps to find the balance between hoarding and minimalism by discarding any items in our lives that don’t spark joy. No joy, no keep.

The Japanese art of decluttering may start in the home but transcends through the mind through clarity, letting go of baggage or future anxieties. You learn to love what you keep and only collecting pieces you truly love. For many, the wardrobe is a place that sees the most drastic change. Getting dressed is no longer a chore, holes are easily identified within the wardrobe, treating your things with respect will make them look better and cleaning is so much easier!

Some take this concept to a next level by completing the ultimate minimalist fashion challenge: Project 333 – A concept that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. Our studio superwoman/stylist Meredith has completed the challenge initially as a vehicle for sharing her viewpoint on style but it quickly evolved into what felt like a public social experiment. She realised good things take time and that rings true in every area of our life.

“Time is the luxury – everything is going too fast. To make something beautiful, you have to take the time with it.”

Meredith will share her experience and show viewers in a live styling session how you can “be more with less,” at The Thistle Inn, on the 11th March starting at 2pm. Tickets available from for $40 or $35 with a group if you purchase 5 or more.