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95 Years of MAS

95 Years of MAS

That’s not to mean we’ve been designing for these guys for 95 years but rather that MAS, one of our clients here at Scratch, are soon to hit a rather significant birthday.

MAS Medical Assurance Society are a strong ongoing business partner of ours. Over the years, Scratch have been lucky enough to work alongside MAS on a range (and we do mean a range) of branded collateral, business products and marketing tools to keep the company looking and communicating at its finest.

In the process, our designers have developed a strong sense of what it is to be MAS, with the ability to quickly and sharply ‘MAS-ify’ what ever design challenge is thrown our way. Scratch’s un-candid ability to coherently create work that’s on brand for MAS, has allowed the company to develop their visual identity and maintain a strong visual system across their full range of branded media.

– Stephanie O’Kane