The not so sweet 16

The not so sweet 16

The not so sweet 16

2016 has been a turbulent year for many around the globe. Political unrest in the United Kingdom and the most bizarre American Presidency Campaign the world has ever seen has captured our attention and placed fear and doubt for the future of these countries.

Even the Olympics which is usually a unifying event for the world; celebrating talent, hard work and peak performance in the sporting arena has had the spotlight lifted from the podium. Instead our attention has been diverted to the Zika virus outbreak, a disgraced Russian team, villages poorly prepared for the scale of such an event and a police department under extreme pressure to keep a lid on crime.

With the departure of David Bowie, Prince and Mohammed Ali, some believe that the end of the world is nigh and all individual brilliance is under threat. There has been a outcry to keep the remaining ‘greats’ safe from the destructive powers of 2016, calling to round up the likes of David Attenborough and keep them from harms way.

Scratch Design have been fortunate to have avoided the 2016 curse thus far (touch wood). In fact, we have thrived. We’ve grown our client base, added two exceptionally talented people to our team and proudly built upon our project portfolio. That’s the great thing about momentum as it takes more than a few bumps in the road to stop progress.

The celebration of self-expression and creative freedom are still very much alive at the Scratching Post. 2016 is not a year of mourning for us but rather a time to celebrate the unique, the resilient, the cheeky, the groundbreaking and the brave.

Charlie Lee

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